Suffering Animals – A Note From The AR Veterinary Medical Examining Board

The Veterinary Medical Examining Board has been receiving calls from veterinarians asking what they can do about an animal that is suffering and the client can’t be reached. The “Abandoned Animal” law in the Practice Act states that you must wait 12 days from the mailing of a certified letter to the last known address of the owner before you can take any action.

The Board suggests that you ask the owners of severely injured pets to sign a euthanasia release form upon presentation; this will cover you in case the owner cannot be reached or will not return phone calls.

If you do not have a signed release form, and if it is your opinion that the pain cannot be controlled with a reasonable amount of pain medication and the owners are unresponsive, you can use your discretion on how to proceed in the matter.

AR Veterinary Medical Examining Board
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