The Executive Director Letter: Spring 2013

me 22-18-49

The 2013 Winter Meeting was a huge success!!  Thank you Dr. Kate Williams for putting together a fabulous program.  We had great attendance and positive feedback from all the sessions.  The dental equine wet lab was great. The attendees learned a lot and BIG thank you to Dr. Charles McCauley and Dr. Terry Swiderski for putting together and organizing a great lab. The weather was cold and one day it was rainy, but they managed to push threw with great success. I think we all learned things from Dr. Jim Humphries that we definitely took back to the clinics.  The exhibit hall was packed full and the exhibitors were very happy. Please remember to thank your reps when they come to your clinics. They help to make our meeting very successful. During the meeting, Dr. Doug Leach was name 2012 Veterinarian of The Year. It is always an honor to be a part of putting together such a great award. I big congratulations to Dr. Leach!!  Dr. Darrell Riffel presented the 2012 Pet of The Year to Buddy. Owners, Carla and Howard Olsen are such amazing people.  They are in the process of training another therapy dog. I can’t wait to see him follow in Buddy’s footsteps.  Of course, a BIG thank you goes out to all our sponsors. Without their support, we could not have a successful meeting. Thank you to GOLD Sponsors: CEVA Animal Health, Heartworm University, Idexx. BRONZE Sponsors: Boerhinger Ingelheim, DVM Consultants, Midwest Veterinary Supply, Novartis Animal Health. We appreciate you SO much!!

Prescription drug monitoring goes into effect, with the first report due June 1. Please ready the article on page 5. It explains all the details. There is also a form on page 4 if you plan to report by faxing or mailing in the report. Both the letter and the form have been mailed to you. You can make copies of the form for future use. Once you report, either electronically or by faxing, that is the way you will have to continue to report.  If you plan to report electronically, you must go online to set up your account. You DO NOT have to set up an account if you plan on faxing or mailing the report in. If you have questions, I will be glad to help you or you can contact RxSentry help desk at 1-855-729-8917 or email Denise Robertson at or call 501-683-3960.

I hope each and every one of you has had a great 2013 so far. Time is flying by and Spring is definitely in the air. You can tell that by all the green pollen everywhere!!  If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to call me or email me. I am here for you.

Maggie Milligan

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