Spring 2014

Spring has finally sprung and the pollen is filling the air. Winter ended with a fabulous Winter Meeting in Hot Springs. Dr. Andrea Shaw put together a great program and we had record attendance. We also need to remember our sponsors and all the exhibitors. Without them, our meeting would not be as successful and we would not be able to keep our fees at a minimum. Thank them when they come to your clinic and let them know how much we appreciate them! Encourage them to participate in the 2015 Winter Meeting. Mark your calendars for February 6-8, 2015 in Hot Springs.

Dr. Nick Finn was awarded 2013 Veterinarian of The Year. An honor well deserved. Dr. Finn is owner of Maumelle Animal Clinic in Maumelle, AR. He is the President of the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Foundation and has served in many roles in the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association. (See story on Page 1). Congratulations Dr. Finn on an award you so deserved!! It has been an honor for me to work with you over the past years. You are truly an exceptional example to the veterinary profession!

Dr. Wayne Roberson, of Treasure Hill Animal Hospital presented the Pet of The Year award to Zoe. It was such an honor to watch the award be presented. The awards like that are what the veterinary profession is all about. How animals AND the veterinarians literally change peoples lives.  It was a very heartwarming award. Thank you Dr. Roberson for nominating Zoe as 2013 Pet of The Year.   She is truly a winner, in our eyes and the eyes of many, many children.

I would like to thank Dr. Kate Williams for her leadership during 2013. It was a great year and she continued leading the Association in a positive direction. Thank you for your leadership and friendship. It was truly a pleasure working with you! As Dr. Williams passed the gavel to Dr. Andrea Shaw, feel confident that your Association is in great hands. We are off to a great 2014 and I look forward to working with Dr. Shaw during 2014.

As always, the Association is here for you. If you ever need anything or have questions, please call or email me. I am here for YOU!


Maggie Milligan

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