President’s Letter – April 2016


First, I would like to welcome the new veterinarians to the wonderful state or Arkansas. I wish that all of your cases are successful, all of your clients are happy, and you take time off from the job you love to spend a little time to love life. Never hesitate to visit with a colleague about a case or veterinary careers in general. This is the tie that binds us and makes us a strong organization.

We are looking forward to a very good winter meeting being organized by Dr. Sherman. There will be a variety of timely presentations for all tastes and needs. Please register early, including your association membership, and book that room as they always fill up quickly.

The association is continuing to work with Paul Vitale to recreate our visual and digital presence. We have created a new logo to rebrand our organization. We are on all social media channels, which can be accessed from our website. We are using a new brochure as well as YouTube videos made with state veterinarians to supply information geared to recent veterinary graduates and the public. In the next year we plan to engage veterinarians on social media into a conversation that is mediated by the ARVMA but provides management, financial, and inspirational mentoring to encourage veterinarians to become leaders and practice owners within the state.

With diligent and informative help from Bill and Bradley Phillips, our government lobbyists, we are prepared for any challenges that might arise from the upcoming session.

I appreciate the opportunity to help guide our association this year. I get so much more in return by being associated with knowledgeable and helpful veterinarians in our state. As your leader, all are needed to steer this energy to the greater good.

Lastly, I would like thank all of the people that serve tirelessly as administrators, committee heads, AVMA and SWVS liaisons and go to problems solvers. These people are the face of our organization.


Archie Ryan

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