President’s Letter

Colleagues & Friends,

Welcome to another year in the ArVMA.  I am thankful to be serving as President for our great association this year.  Raised in southwest Missouri, my family lived simply, on a small farm, which began my interest in the health of all animals.  After moving to Northwest Arkansas, I attended U of A in Fayetteville.  Later I was accepted to LSU-SVM where I finished my degree in 1990 and returned, to the small town of Pea Ridge, to spend the entirety of my career in mixed animal practice.

One of the first inspiring veterinarians I met was Tim Woody.  He has been a continuous mentor with vision for serving in many ways with the ArVMA, AVMA, and our local NWARVMA.  I was fortunate to attend the Leadership Conference in Chicago this year and it was driven home to me the reasons we must remain united and in contact with other veterinarians and other support personnel for this ever evolving profession.

This year is a very active legislative one.  With the help of Bill & Bradley Phillips, our lobbyists, we hope to work, for the bills and against the bills, which change the scope of practice for veterinary medicine, in the state of Arkansas.  As your President this year, I hope to stay aware and reach out to all the veterinarians interested in keeping abreast of the events happening with our association.

Finally, our executive directory, Maggie Milligan, has had some serious health issues handed to her last year and again with new ones to begin this year.  We want to offer her our support and prayers as she goes through treatment and begins to heal throughout 2017.  Along with Maggie, we will do the best we can to keep timely responses to any questions or needs you may have.  Please join together in support of Maggie this spring and summer.

In closing, let me say how honored I am to serve my profession and your state association as President.  Rest assured we are doing many things to keep the ArVMA evolving to meet the needs of the current membership, as well as the needs of the newest members to the association.

Until next time,

Karen Sherman, DVM

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