Veterinary Medical Director-St. Louis, MO


Veterinary Medical Director


St. Louis County Animal Care & Control (ACC) is seeking a candidate who will  serve as medical director for the animal shelter who possesses strong interpersonal skills and has the ability to effectively communicate, engage and oversee a staff of veterinarians and veterinarian technicians.  The primary responsibilities are managing the health and well-being of all sheltered animals, this includes medical evaluation and treatment, sterilization and vaccination, and overseeing enrichment activities. This person will also ensure adherence to all state and federal laws, state regulations, veterinary medical board standards, and animal care and handling standards.  Collaborate with community partners, volunteers and staff, emphasizing positive interactions focused on animal welfare. Maintain and monitor controlled drug supply as required by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Prepare reports and maintains veterinary records and files for compliance with state statutes and policies

The Veterinary Medical Director position is posted on the St. Louis County Job Search.

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