Associate Small Animal Veterinarian

Posting Date: February 20, 2022 at 7:45 pm

Position Location: Cassville, MO

Position Type: Associate Veterinarian

Barry County Veterinary Service is a mixed animal practice located in Cassville, MO. The current case load is 40% large animal-60% small animal. The small animal case load involves canine, feline and pocket pets. A large portion of the small animal case load focuses on canine theriogenology. To aid in the management and treatment of our small animal patients, we utilize in-house computed radiography (CR), CBC/Chemistry machine, Mini-Vidas progesterone machine, etc.


The associate veterinarian position is for a small animal practitioner. The small animal veterinary duties would include performing routine pet vaccinations, small animal surgeries (spay, neuter, mass removal, etc.), wellness exams, sick animal exams, etc. Additionally, the associate would be expected to be involved in the canine theriogenology portion of our practice which would entail performing canine breeding soundness exams, staging canine estrus cycles, surgical inseminations, C-sections, etc. Emergency service responsibilities would typically include 2 nights per week from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM, 1 weekend per month, and shared holidays. Emergency services between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM are referred to an emergency veterinary clinic.

Compensation Package:

Negotiable salary, 14 days paid time off, professional liability insurance, professional licensing fees (Missouri, BNDD), membership fees in 2 professional organizations related to the practice of veterinary medicine at Barry County Veterinary Service.

DVM license in Missouri.

Physical and mental ability to complete the required small animal veterinary duties.

About Barry County Veterinary Service
Barry County Veterinary Service is a mixed animal practice located in Cassville, MO. The practice currently employs 4 veterinarians and 5 support staff members. Barry County Veterinary Service strives to provide the ideas, information and services required by small animal clients to promote animal health and be profitable. Our practice places a special emphasis on large and small animal theriogenology. Barry County Veterinary Service is located in Cassville, MO. Cassville is the county seat of Barry County with a population of approx. 2500. Cassville has a good school system and easy access to medical care. Numerous outdoor activities (fishing/boating on Table Rock Lake and Roaring River State Park, hunting/hiking/trail riding in Mark Twain National Forest) are available within a short driving distance (<20 miles). If additional shopping and entertainment opportunities are desired the Branson, Springfield, Joplin and Rogers (AR) metro areas are approximately 1 hour away from Cassville.

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