Association Veterinarian

Posting Date: August 31, 2021 at 12:35 pm

Position Location: Oaklawn Park – Hot Springs, AR

Position Type: Associate Veterinarian

A. General
The association veterinarian shall:
(1) be employed by the Oaklawn Jockey Club;
(2) be a graduate veterinarian and be licensed to practice in the state of Arkansas;
(3) be qualified to objectively and competently provide the regulatory duties described herein;
(4) refuse employment or payment, directly or indirectly, from any horse owner or trainer of a horse racing or intending to race in this jurisdiction while employed as the association veterinarian for the Oaklawn Jockey Club;
(5) refrain from directly treating or prescribing for any horse under his/her jurisdiction except in cases of emergency, accident or injury;
(6) have no employment history or business relationship prior to employment as the association veterinarian that could constitute a conflict of interest or impede in the performance of official duties.

B. Responsibilities
The association veterinarian:
(1) recommends to the stewards any horse deemed unsafe to be raced, or a horse that it would be inhumane to allow to race;
(2) conducts pre-race inspections on all potential starters on race day;
(3) is available to the stewards prior to scratch time each racing day, at a time designated by the stewards, to inspect any horses and report on their condition as may be requested by the stewards;
(4) is available and present during all training hours.
(5) inspects any horse when there is a question as to the physical condition of such horse independent of the horse’s entry status;
(6) be present in the paddock during saddling, on the racetrack during the post parade and at the starting gate until the horses are dispatched from the starting gate for the race:
(7) recommends to the stewards the scratching of any horse that is, in the opinion of the official veterinarian, injured, ill, or otherwise unable to compete due to a medical or health-related condition;
(8) inspects any horse which appears in physical distress during the race or at the finish of the race; and shall report such horse together with his/her opinion as to the cause of the distress to the stewards and to the state veterinarian, if the inspection was done by either a state veterinarian or an association-employed veterinarian;
(9) provides emergency medical care to horses injured racing or training and effect case transfer to the practicing veterinarian;

Further details on request.

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