Certified Veterinary Technician/Technologist

Posting Date: February 14, 2022 at 3:34 pm

Position Location: Monticello, AR

Position Type: Full-Time Veterinarian

Certified Veterinary Technician/Technologist-

We are looking for someone fun and fresh to join our family of misfits! We are a tight knit group, don’t let our three locations fool you! Last year we added our first veterinary technologist and she has far exceeded our expectations! Prior to adding her on, we were struggling to keep up with our 3 doctors and 3 locations. Because there are not enough DVMs to go around, we rely heavily on our assistants here in the practice. By adding on a certified technologist, we were able to lighten the load that the doctors carry, and were able to use our CVT to her fullest ability and knowledge base. We are continuously growing and trying to provide the highest level of medicine to our patients. With this continued growth, we find ourselves on the hunt once again for an exceptional team member. Recently, we have added to our quality of medicine with orthopedics, dental x ray and extractions, transcervical insemination, and other various diagnostics. We encourage in-depth continuing education for focused learning on areas of interest. A healthy work life balance is extremely important to us for each of our team members. We have a flexible schedule, annual leave, benefits paid and a competitive salary. We also offer paid externships of $500 per week with housing provided for those still needing externs for school, as well as those considering a job with us that would like to take us on a test drive.
What we can offer a CVT:
Starting pay of $20/hr based on experience
4 day work week with a once a month Saturday rotation
Extensive Mentorship
Continuing Education
Paid leave
IRA with match
Health Insurance
Employee Discounts

Contact lauren@norrisanimalclinics.com if you’re interested in this position!

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