Resident Veterinarian

Posting Date: August 10, 2022 at 2:33 pm

Position Location: Western Grove, AR

Position Type: Full-Time Veterinarian

I have been the sole proprietor of a mixed-animal, rural farm practice in NW Arkansas since graduating from LSU-SVM in 1984. Mine is the only veterinary practice to have established a clinic in Newton County, Arkansas; I have built from scratch a rather large and diverse clientele in Newton, Searcy, Boone, and Marion counties.

The town of Western Grove has a population of less than 500 and is a place where everyone knows everyone else. We still take the time to visit and interact with one another on a daily basis. There are zero traffic lights in Newton County. This is a very rural and down-to-earth area with close access to the Buffalo National River providing year-round recreational opportunities for the whole family. Western Grove is nicely situated on Hwy 65 for day trips to the “city”, being one hour south of Branson, MO, one hour from Mountain Home, two hours from Fayetteville, and three hours from Little Rock.

I raised four children that have all become successful professionals in both the arts and sciences. They attended Western Grove, where K-12 is on one campus and there are less than twenty students in each graduating class. The school is within walking distance from my clinic providing an easy juggle for a home life/extracurricular balance.

In the last year, my veterinary clinic has been updated with a Heska digital x-ray, a Heska digital ultrasound, IDEXX lab equipment, IDEXX Neo Software, a new stainless steel heated surgery table, and a new stainless-steel fold up exam table. As well, there are covered cattle-working facilities and steel pens in excellent condition that contain multiple holding pens and shelters, a four-stall horse barn with stocks, and outdoor covered dog kennels with a fenced backyard.

I am a CTCVMP (Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner) and will continue to practice acupuncture but would like to turn the day-to-day veterinary practice over to one or more young veterinarians to be compensated with a negotiated percentage of the earned profits. The ideal applicant(s) would be allowed to create a schedule as they prefer, allowing them to earn as much or as little income as they wanted to. Ideally, the incoming veterinarians would practice both large and small veterinary medicine, as my clients are in need of both. I will be available for advice or mentorship if needed.

In addition to being able to experience a career in a classic, country veterinary clinic (à la James Harriot), Newton County is included in the Student Loan Forgiveness Program for Veterinary Graduates.

If anyone is interested, I will be available for interviews and inquiries as soon as October 1.

Contact if you’re interested in this position!

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