President’s Letter Fall 2022

Dearest Colleagues,

It has been a year or two. I have had the honor of serving as the president this year. I am a small animal vet and practice owner at SoMa Animal Clinic and Housecalls in downtown Little Rock. I grew up in Little Rock where I attended Central High then the University of Arkansas. I received my DVM from LSU in 2010.

Before I got involved, I really did not know all that the ArVMA does for its members. I DO know how hard veterinarians work and I want you to know how hard your ArVMA and its board works for you. I invite you to get involved.

Maggie Milligan, the executive director keeps the ArVMA organized and running. She is available to answer questions and bring up needed discussions with the board. Her job is very much like herding cats and she keeps things running smoothly (a great, great feat in this current age).

Drs. Laura Lynch and Lindy O’Neal serve as our national AVMA delegates. They attend multiple national meetings and represent our concerns and discuss solutions. We are well represented and fortunate to have such wonderful colleagues willing to serve.

We have the pleasure of working with Paul Vitale for branding and marketing. After a short pause, the Power of 5 will be back in action very soon. This is a program to mentor newer grads and build wonderful leaders. This program has had great success and continues to strengthen the veterinary community.

Our program has also forged some strong relationships with our lobbyist, Rodney Baker. As veterinarians and many business owners, things move very quickly through the legislative process and these laws directly impact veterinarians, medicine, and policy. Having a lobbyist who can educate and empower us to act when needed is essential to ensuring our voices are heard. Working with our Congressional/Legislative leaders is also incredibly important and Rodney Baker works with our board members to have a positive presence. Please follow the ArVMA App under the weekly legislative updates to follow along.

Veterinarians are incredibly hard working people and it is an honor to work with these incredible leaders. If you are interested in being a part of this group, I urge you to get involved.

Marlow Ball

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