Associate Veterinarian Wanted

Our thriving small-animal practice, located in beautiful Bentonville, AR, is looking for a DVM interested in growing with us.   Established in 1990, our three-doctor, AAHA accredited hospital is fully equipped with digital radiography, ultrasound, and in-house laboratory.  Five licensed CVT’s help comprise our support staff of 20. Experience is preferred but new graduates seeking to build their future in private, small-animal practice will be strongly considered.  35-40 hour work week with no emergency calls. Salary and benefits package will be competitive based on skill level and knowledge.  Please send resume to: 209 N. Walton Blvd., Bentonville, AR  72712 or email:

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Sherry Glover Obituary

Below is the link to the obituary for Sherry Glover. Please take time to sign the online guest book or send her sister a card. The address is in the obituary.

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In Memory of Sherry Glover

It is with deep sadness to inform you that Sherry Glover, from the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Licensing Board, passed away this morning. (June 14, 2014) She was admitted to the hospital at the end of this week due to COPD and she passed away this morning.

Sherry was very dedicated to the veterinary profession and also to the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association. She and I worked well together and she was always promoting the Association. She worked for the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Licensing Board for over 35 years.  She will greatly missed!!

Per Sherry’s request, there will be no service or memorial. If you wish, you may donate to the charity of your choice or to the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Foundation.

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Nicholas Finn, DVM – 2013 Veterinarian of The Year

DSC_0284 copy

During the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association’s winter meeting in February, Dr. Nicholas Finn was presented with the distinction and honor of being named the 2013 Veterinarian of the Year.

Dr. Finn has been a small animal practitioner for 32 years. After graduating from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1978, he began practicing veterinarian medicine at Bellevue Animal Clinic in Little Rock, AR, where he remained until 1984. He then opened a practice, Maumelle Animal Clinic, in Maumelle, AR, with fellow veterinarians, Drs. Doug Winter and Tad Marvin.

Dr. Finn has been a proponent of improving animal health and advancing the veterinary medical profession throughout his career. He currently is serving as the President of the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Foundation, and holds memberships in the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Pulaski County Veterinary Medical Society, and the American Animal Hospital Association. In the past he has served the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association in the offices of President, Vice President, and Treasurer.

Dr. Finn’s civic activities include membership in Maumelle Chamber of Commerce, and serving as Community Group Leader, and as a member of the Traffic Team at Fellowship Bible Church. He also donates his services to stray and injured animals. In the past, Dr. Finn served in the Army National Guard from 1971 through 1978, and was a member of the Maumelle Chapter of Kiwanis International, and Maumelle Friends of the Animals.

Dr. Finn has been has been married to his wife, Marsha, for 42 years. They have three daughters and one granddaughter, Ava. Also making up his family are his three dogs. His daughter Sarah, is following in his footsteps and will be graduating soon from LSU with her degree in veterinary medicine.

Thank you Dr. Finn for your support of the veterinary profession and your dedication to the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association and the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Foundation! Your dedication and service is appreciated by all and we are so proud to have named you 2013 Veterinarian of The Year!

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Spring 2014

Spring has finally sprung and the pollen is filling the air. Winter ended with a fabulous Winter Meeting in Hot Springs. Dr. Andrea Shaw put together a great program and we had record attendance. We also need to remember our sponsors and all the exhibitors. Without them, our meeting would not be as successful and we would not be able to keep our fees at a minimum. Thank them when they come to your clinic and let them know how much we appreciate them! Encourage them to participate in the 2015 Winter Meeting. Mark your calendars for February 6-8, 2015 in Hot Springs.

Dr. Nick Finn was awarded 2013 Veterinarian of The Year. An honor well deserved. Dr. Finn is owner of Maumelle Animal Clinic in Maumelle, AR. He is the President of the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Foundation and has served in many roles in the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association. (See story on Page 1). Congratulations Dr. Finn on an award you so deserved!! It has been an honor for me to work with you over the past years. You are truly an exceptional example to the veterinary profession!

Dr. Wayne Roberson, of Treasure Hill Animal Hospital presented the Pet of The Year award to Zoe. It was such an honor to watch the award be presented. The awards like that are what the veterinary profession is all about. How animals AND the veterinarians literally change peoples lives.  It was a very heartwarming award. Thank you Dr. Roberson for nominating Zoe as 2013 Pet of The Year.   She is truly a winner, in our eyes and the eyes of many, many children.

I would like to thank Dr. Kate Williams for her leadership during 2013. It was a great year and she continued leading the Association in a positive direction. Thank you for your leadership and friendship. It was truly a pleasure working with you! As Dr. Williams passed the gavel to Dr. Andrea Shaw, feel confident that your Association is in great hands. We are off to a great 2014 and I look forward to working with Dr. Shaw during 2014.

As always, the Association is here for you. If you ever need anything or have questions, please call or email me. I am here for YOU!


Maggie Milligan

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2013 Pet of The Year – Zoe

DSC_0005 copyDSC_0103 copyDSC_0025 copy


Dr. Wayne Roberson, of Treasure Hill Animal Hospital, awarded the 2013 Pet of The Year award to Zoe. She is a Border Collie/Siberian Husky. She serves as a therapy dog in private practice and also as the family pet of Rachel Morse, M.S., CCC/SLP; DIR Training Leader/Expert Level Practioner; Hanen certified. Rachel is a Speech-Language Pathologist in private practice that works with children with autism and other children with many complex neurological and biological challenges. Most all the children with whom she works with have very fragile sensory systems, impaired abilities in relating to others and significant communication delays.

Rachel says, “We found Zoe 2 years ago, as a puppy, and immediately sensed her deep compassion and amazing intelligence. I included her in sessions from the very first week she was with us. While so many puppies with her energy and inquisitiveness can be overly frisky and nippy, Zoe was not when in the presence of my special little ones. I will never forget those first weeks as Zoe lay in the lap of two of my little clients as they did yearly re-evaluation testing. For children on the Autism Spectrum, standardized testing can be extremely stressful, anxiety provoking, and seemingly senseless. One of my little guys, then 5 years old, typically became very dysregulated and upset at the thought of stopping our usual therapy routine to do testing. When I placed silky soft, snuggly Zoe in his lap on the therapy mat, he became completely still and calm, in wonder. He remained on one spot for 45 minutes of testing because of that warm, nurturing, still little pup in his lap. His mother and I were completely in shock…and delight!”

Zoe is a true example of how the human/animal bond. The 2013 Pet of The Year was proudly presented to Zoe. “Zoe is changing the lives of children with autism and other complex developmental disabilities, as well as the lives of their siblings. She’s not perfectly trained, by any means, but she really gets the needs of each and every child. She has been a miraculous fit for the Floortime therapy I do—she appreciates the developmental needs of each child, those with and without disabilities; she respects amazing well their individual differences and she attunes to them daily through the power of their relationship,” Rachel stated. Thank you, Rachel, Zoe and Dr. Roberson for allowing us to honor Zoe! It was an award presentation that will forever remain in our hearts.

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Southeastern Oklahoma Mixed Animal Practice- For Sale Immediately

Established and Successful Mixed Animal Veterinary Practice available immediately

This Veterinary Practice is for sale due to the untimely death of the solo practitioner that established it and developed it for more than 25 years. It is located in beautiful southeastern Oklahoma in a small rural town that is the center of beef cattle and equine populations that support the area. It is on a paved road that is 1.5 miles off of one of the East/West state highways that serve the entire area. It serves a large number of livestock producers who are long termed clients as well as meeting the veterinary needs for the small animal population of the area. The physical facilities are well maintained, modern, and include all metal offices, clinic. and large animal working areas. The pens that support the practice are all steel posts and drill stem with some portable corral panels to separate are for specific use.

The practice contains a fully stocked veterinary pharmacy including medicine inventories for both large and small animal treatments. It has a large treatment surgical area for small animals, as well as radiograph capabilities for both small and large animals. including a fully stocked developing room with vats, viewer, and film. This combined area has extensive cabinets for organizing and storage of medication, instruments, and testing equipment. All of the described equipment is included in the sale of the facility.-The clinic is approved for official EIA testing for the buyer to use after approval of the regulatory authorities. Restraint items, equine. dental instruments, surgical tools and equipment, and bovine obstetrical instruments will remain with the real estate.

The large animal treatment turd surgical area has a fully operational and maintained hydraulic full sized W-W bovine chute that is served with a circle alley that extends through to another adjacent shed with alleys that serve the chute area for animal that have been unloaded in the adjacent pens. The large animal area also contains a concreted drill stem steel equine stock for examination and treatment. Cabinets and shelves in this area provide for storage and use of the equipment needed for large animal work. The receiving area for large animals includes a drive through circle for easy loading and unloading of animals for treatment or examination. It is easily accessed from the paved county road that serves the clinic.

Main Clinic Structure:
34′ X 66′ modern steel building that is insulated and supports additional pens and runs described below.

Small Animal facilities:
8′ X 12′ waiting/receiving area
30′ X 36′ Treatment surgical/cabinet area
3, Inside Clinic, 3 X 10 ft. dog runs
8, 3X8 ft. Covered and attached dog runs
2, 10 X 15 ft. chain linked pens with dirt floors.
Washer and Dryer for clothing adjacent to small animal T rt. area.

Large Animal Facilities: (34′X28′ inside area)

Drive Thru unloading area for both bovine and equine.

1, 65′ X 40′steel fenced pen that contains a 4 Horse mechanical walker and 10′ X 12′metal shed

l-, 80′X 50′steel fenced pen for loading or storage of animals.

12′ alley that connects the 2 previous pens that runs the length of the clinic and behind to communicate with the pens that are located in the unloading/loading area.

20′ X 34′ shed that covers the unloading alley and pens leading to the large animal treatment facility.
2, 30′ X 30′ steel pens adjacent to the loading/unloading alley to hold animals for treatment/work.

Immediately adjacent to the clinic and associated pens is a 2 acre grassed loafing area with a 5 barbed wire fence with metal T post used as a loafing pen for client’s animals during treatment.

There is a possibility of acquiring additional acreage adjacent to the clinic.

The listing price of all the described property (including all the contained small animal/large animal equipment for surgery/treatment and the existing inventory of medications on site) is $799,000 with possible owner financing available.

An experienced office assistant is willing to stay in employment of the new owner and has been with the clinic for 1-2 years.

Turn key operation for a veterinarian that wants to take the next step up!

Champion Land Brokers Poteau, Oklahoma 74953 Office Phone: (918) 649-0201,

Available for Sale: 4/21./2014


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X-Ray Equipment

X-Ray Equipment
Summit XMA 325 control and transformer, Mfg 1998, & Cables. $2990

Machlett PBLII collimator and tube, Mfg 1983 (Good Condition) $390

Also, rolling shield, film bin, view boxes, apron, gown, gloves and rack. $299 or will piece out.
Must verify authorized user or purchaser of medical or vet equipment. 501-351-1014

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President’s Letter : April 2014

AndreaShawTo my Colleagues:

I am so excited and honored to serve as the Arkansas Veterinary Medical Association 2014 President. After graduating from Auburn University in 1995, my husband and I moved to central Arkansas and we have been happy to call it home since. Outside of my veterinary world I enjoy reading, camping, geocaching and cheering on my teenage daughter during her different endeavors.

I have been blessed to work with many talented veterinarians since our move. I have worked as an associate, a relief veterinarian and am now the proud owner of a small animal practice in Little Rock. The mentorship of the veterinarians I have worked with has been invaluable. We truly are in a profession filled with amazing people. It’s a challenging profession to be sure but one that is made better because we are a community of people who work together to advance it.

My first introduction to the Arkansas VMA was fifteen years ago when I was selected as the New Graduate Representative. It was a wonderful experience to attend the AVMA leadership meeting and spurred my excitement about being a veterinarian. Our board: the district trustees, AVMA Delegates, Executive Director and Legislative Committee, as well as the state and public health veterinarians work endlessly to make sure that veterinarians are represented and protected. Our purpose is to promote animal health, public safety and the human/animal relationship by providing education for its members, enhancing public awareness of veterinary medicine and serving as an advocate in governmental matters.
One way to protect ourselves is through the Prescription Monitoring Program. Arkansas was one of the last states to enact this type of legislation but it is already making a significant difference in the amount of controlled substances on the street. I understand that reporting to the PMP is a hassle in our already overly busy lives but if even one is saved (and I think many will be) it’s got to be worth it. Another aspect of the PMP is to allow prescribers to monitor their DEA number to make sure it is not being used without your permission. I urge everyone to take advantage of this. Simply go to and choose Practitioner/Pharmacist link, then Registration. The user name is newacct and password is welcome. You will fill out a form to verify your information and be sent a new username and password. Once you are registered you can check your DEA number and query search clients if you have a concern.

I want to thank everyone that attended the Winter Meeting in February. We had an incredible attendance and I hope you all enjoyed the speakers. We are fortunate to have great sponsors that allow us to bring in quality continuing education and I know I enjoy meeting up with old friends as well as making new ones.

Thank you for all of your support. Please remember we are here to serve you, and I look forward to an exciting 2014.
Andrea Shaw, DVM

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Small Animal Veterinarian Wanted – Midland, TX

New Grads Welcomed!  Small animal veterinarian is needed at our four-doctor, full service hospital located in Midland, Texas.  Our veterinarians are committed to providing their patients with the highest possible standards of care and are supported by a long-term, highly proficient, compassionate staff.  Our ideal veterinarian will have a personality that naturally interacts well with our team and with clients. Our hospital is well equipped with digital radiography, dental radiography, ultrasonography, EKG, In-House Idexx laboratory, and more.  Exceptional compensation/benefit package includes competitive salary plus production, hospital bonus potential, medical/dental, PLIT, vacation, generous annual continuing education allowance with paid days off, paid veterinarian and DEA licensing fees, paid AVMA, TVMA,  and VIN membership dues, 401-k and more.  If you share our passion for providing patients with exceptional veterinary care and enjoy working with a fun, high-energy, hardworking staff, call Cheryl Sonick at 203-209-5534 or e-mail  All inquiries will be kept confidential.

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