President Message – Summer 2014

Hello, my colleagues.....We have certainly had an emotional 2014 and I hope you and yours are all well. The Arkansas veterinary community suffered a huge loss with the death of Sherry Glover. She has been an integral part of veterinary practice for as long as I can remember. Always happy to answer questions and incredibly knowledgeable on all things continuing education and Arkansas Veterinary Examining Board related, I am so saddened at her passing.

Central Arkansas also suffered through recent tornadoes. I am so proud of our profession and how well veterinarians worked together to help lives –both human and animal. Our executive director, Maggie Milligan, worked tirelessly to contact veterinarians in the affected areas and to offer help. She coordinated communication between Vilonia veterinarians and state government officials to make sure relief was available and to facilitate improved responses the next time disaster hits Arkansas. Please consider giving the Arkansas VMA your cell phone number (it does not have to be published) so we can reach you in times of emergency.

I felt very fortunate to meet with some of our state representatives the other day. The Arkansas VMA PAC was able to contribute to a representative who has fought hard for us on the teeth floating issue. While there, I met several other representatives and was once again honored at how highly regarded our profession is by others. When not in session, they are beef cattle producers and acutely aware of the need for food animal veterinarians in the state and how vital our profession is to the health of the animals, public, and economy. Please help us help them by contributing to the ArkVMA PAC. We have decided not to have a summer meeting this year and to encourage everyone to attend the SWVS in Fort Worth, Texas. Arkansas is a partner in this wonderful conference and receives a portion of the proceeds. It is a fantastic opportunity to get superb continuing education within driving distance. Please join us!!

Lastly, have fun this summer! I had the opportunity to kayak down the Buffalo River over the holiday weekend and was in awe of the beauty of this state. I hope you enjoy your work but don’t forget to take time to enjoy your life too.

All my best,
Andrea Shaw, DVM

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